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A kind woman who bought my ocarina. I won't forget her.
Yuffie Kisaragi
She's alright. Got frustrated when I asked too many questions, but I'll have to talk with her again later.
Sparks Nevada
He works hard, and I can trust him to put the people's safety first. But he should relax sometimes.
You're my best friend. I'll stay by your side.
A warrior who's just as ready to defend the Chocobos as I am. She has to be a smart, brave woman if she's a baroness.
Jack Harkness
Keeps me from doing dumb things, and stopped me from breaking down after the murders. I look up to him.
Ramza Beoulve
Kind of grumpy, but he tries his best.
Tear Grants
A strong girl who is a reliable ally in battle.
Vincent Valentine
He had a vision that his world was destroyed. I hope what I saw happened to the Nowhere Islands was one, too.
Johnny D'Amico
He's alright. Makes me wonder why the Moogles thought we'd be a bad match. Kind of hot.
Aoi Kurashiki
I can't believe we're dating now?! He's a lot nicer than he looks, so I'm looking forward to it!
An excellent fighter who runs the Training Facility
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. I can never talk to her again...
Minato Arisato
Teenager to look after
Akane Kurashiki
Much more forgiving than I expected.
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Lucas pullsneedles ( Mother 3 )
Duster's friend from the Nowhere Islands. He still is protective of the young boy, though he is grateful that there's someone he knows that can explain what Milliways is and push him to meet the others.
Enzo Matrix a1enzo ( Reboot )
Enzo comes from a world so technologically advanced that Duster blanks out every time he explains how his world works. But he seems like a nice guy, and they play music together. Enzo's not exactly at the professional level Duster is at, but he's got talent.
Autor herr-bookman ( Princess Tutu )
Another of Lucas' friends. Plays piano and asks a lot of questions.
Sasha Nein for_good_taste ( Psychonauts)
A psychic scientist who is good friends with Lucas, and gets a long with Duster. He's curious about how the Nowhere Islands function and if it's possible to retrieve lost memories without using the Egg of Light.


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