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Akane - A purple coat
Aoi - a warm sweater-vest
Chrom - warm leather gloves
Donnel - a book on self-defense
Ellana Levana - a pillow shaped like a bee
Jack Harkness - a red and green tie
Johnny - guitar polish
Namine - A towel with a chocobo design
Reno - iron knuckles
Rialynn - hiking boots
Sparks Nevada - coffee
Tazendra - shoes of +5 speed
Vanitas - tea
Vincent Valentine - Trano Golsaucia coffee

bass case (Aoi)
blue scarf (Ellana)
gummy candy (Plena, Vanitas' Moogle)
postcard and bracelet with chocobo feather (Namine)
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The Parental Kangashark's child can heal its parent for a small bit of health by cheering it on, the Dogfish is venomous and can briefly flop onto land to attack, at the Pigtunias cause the Crying status effect (making it hard to see what's going on).




Cannot be killed. If the button on its back is pressed, it will shut down for a few minutes before the bird on its head turns it on again. If the Ultimate Chimera catches you, it's Game Over. If you run into a nearby room, it may lose interest, but your best bet is to avoid it completely.
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like dislike neutral

A kind woman who bought my ocarina. I won't forget her.
Yuffie Kisaragi
She's alright. Got frustrated when I asked too many questions, but I'll have to talk with her again later.
Sparks Nevada
He works hard, and I can trust him to put the people's safety first. But he should relax sometimes.
You're my best friend. I'll stay by your side.
A warrior who's just as ready to defend the Chocobos as I am. She has to be a smart, brave woman if she's a baroness.
Jack Harkness
Keeps me from doing dumb things, and stopped me from breaking down after the murders. I look up to him.
Ramza Beoulve
Kind of grumpy, but he tries his best.
Tear Grants
A strong girl who is a reliable ally in battle.
Vincent Valentine
He had a vision that his world was destroyed. I hope what I saw happened to the Nowhere Islands was one, too.
Johnny D'Amico
He's alright. Makes me wonder why the Moogles thought we'd be a bad match. Kind of hot.
Aoi Kurashiki
I can't believe we're dating now?! He's a lot nicer than he looks, so I'm looking forward to it!
An excellent fighter who runs the Training Facility
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. I can never talk to her again...
Minato Arisato
Teenager to look after
Akane Kurashiki
Much more forgiving than I expected.
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Name: Duster
Age: 26 (headcanon)
Gender: Male
Canon: Mother 3
Canon Point: After the ending sequence but before the secret ending
Link to Application: Inside the present, you found an app!

Moogle Name: Tamekichi
Moogle Gender: Male

Inventory: Ocarina, Egg of Light, Suit (periwinkle suit, red tie, white dress shirt, black shoes), Concertina, Experience Orb (July) (August - 6 months,September - 4 months, October - 4 months November - 2 months, December - 4 months)

THIEF (6 Months)
Initial Steal Steals an item from an enemy.
Initial Flee Allows the character and teammates to disappear from battle.
One Month Burgle and Buff Raises attack by 25% when successfully stealing an item.
Two Months Larceny Steals status buff and protections from the enemy.
Four Months Shakedown Steals an item from all enemies at once with a 25% success rate for each.
Six Months Borrowed Time Freezes an enemy in time for thirty seconds (does not work on bosses).

Bard (MAX)
Initial Victory Fanfare A song that restores 1/5 of all allies' health when played at the end of a battle.
One Month Battle Scene A song that boosts all allies' stats by 15% when played during a regular battle.
Two Months Spoony Bard Makes the bard virtually invincible, but leaves them unable to do anything.
Three Months Boss Theme A song that boosts all allies' stats by 30% when played during a boss battle.
Four Months Legendary Melodies Allows to start learning Legendary Melodies.
Six Months Troubadour Allows stacking the effects of two songs.
Nine Months Soul Voice Doubles the effects of non-legendary song.s
One Year Nameless Song A song that casts Regen, Protect, Shell and Haste on all allies.
Thanks Kalki Melodies of Death An otherworldly song that kills all those who hear it, allies and enemies alike.
Custom Songs
Initial Mind of a Thief Calms the minds of other party members. Prevent Confuse and Berserk.
Three Months Accelerondo Increase stats (particularly speed) for Paladins, Dark Knights, Magitek Knights, and Warriors.
Seven Months Gentle Rain Casts Regen and adds brief added defense to Fire attacks.
One Year A Tiny, Enormous Miracle Casts Revive on all fallen party members.
Legendary Songs
February Imperial March Increases stats of Gunners, Magitek Knights, Ninjas and Illusionists by 75%.
January Event Dancing Mad Doubles stats and attack power when fighting other Heroes of Light.
March You're Not Alone Allows to use Limit Breaks with more health left than usual.
May Fighting Fate Triples all stats when facing Hamsters.
July Choral of Kingle Moggle Mog Immunizes all allies to dark and light elements.
September Clash on the Big Bridge Doubles attack power of characters equipped with swords.
November Mognet Central Allows Moogles to switch Jobs without requiring a downtime.
September Theme of the Crystals Increases the effectiveness of all spells by 50% and halves spell casting time.
December Melody of the Calamity Doubles all stats when fighting an Avatar or Agent of the Calamity.

One Maxed Job Job Master Expands the Job limit from five to ten.
Three Maxed Jobs Multi Exp Stored Jobs receive 1/4 of exp even when unequipped.

Monk (MAX)
Initial Kick Physical attack (hits multiple targets).
One Month Boost Doubles the power of the next attack.
Two Months Perfect Counter Stays idle but counter if attacked (x2 attack power).
Four Months Invigorate Doubles physical might at the cost of halving defense (ten minutes).
Six Months Fists of Wind Increases movement speed (ten minutes).
Nine Months Chakra Heal mid wounds and cures status ailments (on self only).
One Year Natural Talent Doubles physical might (permanent so long as the Job is equipped).

Initial Aura Sensing Concentrates to sense the power of darkness or presence of evil.
One Month Hylia's Prayer Improves an ally's resistance to physical attacks.
Two Months Goddess's Blessing Grants a weapon the holy property.
Three Months Zelda's Gift Heals mid wounds on an ally and raise a barrier equivalent to the health restored.
Four Months Divine Materialization Summons a sword or bow and arrows enchanted with light magic.
Six Months Evil's Bane Banishes evil entities, monsters of the dark element or undead into the Rift.

Initial Symbiosis Reduces research time on a project to three months.
Five Months Teleportation Teleports to a previously visited and non-crystallized location.

Dragoon (MAX)
Initial Jump Leaps high into the air before quickly descending to attack an enemy.
Initial Crescent Moon Attacks all enemies at once.
1 Month Lancet Absorbs life energy from an enemy (weak).
2 Months Spirit Surge Raises endurance and agility (five minutes).
3 Months Decimate Instantly kills enemies with less than 15% of their health left.
6 Months Mirage Drive Temporarily summons two clones to confuse the enemy and attack.
9 Months Dragon Breath Casts a magical fire breath against all enemies.
One Year Chaos Thrust Devastating physical attack (all). Increases might for thirty minutes.

Santa Claus (12 Months)
Initial All-Knowing List Effects varies whether the target is on the good or naughty list.
One Month The Toy Bag Unlocks a magical bag in which virtually anything can be stored.
Two Months Christmas Spirit Inspires trust in others and spreads a joyful atmosphere around.
Three Months Jingle Bell Shrinks self to go through chimneys or otherwise tiny passages.
Four Months Coal Lumps Harmless attack that hurts the target's confidence, pride and motivation.
Six Months Holy Advent Doubles the effectiveness of this Job on December.
Nine Months Security Elf Summons a Tarutaru-sized security elf to protect the character.
One Year Letter to Santa Capability to gift what is written on letters sent to the character.

Limit Break:16-hit Combo
Duster attacks one enemy and, at a musical rhythm, hits it 16 times with powerful kicks. One of those attacks has the potential to be a critical hit, and if it happens, the enemy is knocked out of the battlefield.

Link to HMD: OKAY desu ka?
Link to Permission List: You ran into Permissions and its cohorts!
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The papers found in the wastebasket are all wrinkled, as if someone crumpled them into tight balls.

To everyone )

To Haruka )


Apr. 21st, 2015 02:48 pm
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How's my Duster? General writing skills? Post here. Anon and screening is turned on.
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Backtagging: Definitely in memes, since I tend to take a while to write tags. In games, I limit the thread to 3 weeks old.
Threadhopping: Sure, message me first.
Fourthwalling: The Mother games are filled with references to the fourth wall, so yes.
Offensive subjects: None, but I will only consider smut threads on an individual basis.

Note: Duster walks with a distinctive limp. He also stands with his right leg holding the majority of his weight.

Hugging this character: Yes, just be warned that he'll be surprised by it.
Kissing this character: Sure, just make him more confused.
Flirting with this character: Yes, please. He won't know what to do with this information.
Fighting with this character: Yes.
Injuring this character: In fights, I will allow near-lethal injuries.
Killing this character: Yes. Warn me first.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: His mind already gets messed with in canon, so yes. There's nothing too interesting in his brain, to be fair.

NOTE: Discussions of his backstory involves elements of memory loss and emotional abuse. Please comment below (all comments are screened) if you prefer for me to avoid these topics in our threads.

Get your own copy of the IC/OOC Permissions meme!
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The day after Lucas shows Duster a book about the Runaway Five, Duster wakes up in the afternoon. It's not unusual for him, but he has to talk to Lucas. He spent the rest of his waking hours looking over a newspaper he received from the bar after asking for something specifically written about Porky in the era before Tazmily.

He skips breakfast and heads straight to the gardens, where he's sure Lucas is, carrying the newspaper with him.
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Lucas pullsneedles ( Mother 3 )
Duster's friend from the Nowhere Islands. He still is protective of the young boy, though he is grateful that there's someone he knows that can explain what Milliways is and push him to meet the others.
Enzo Matrix a1enzo ( Reboot )
Enzo comes from a world so technologically advanced that Duster blanks out every time he explains how his world works. But he seems like a nice guy, and they play music together. Enzo's not exactly at the professional level Duster is at, but he's got talent.
Autor herr-bookman ( Princess Tutu )
Another of Lucas' friends. Plays piano and asks a lot of questions.
Sasha Nein for_good_taste ( Psychonauts)
A psychic scientist who is good friends with Lucas, and gets a long with Duster. He's curious about how the Nowhere Islands function and if it's possible to retrieve lost memories without using the Egg of Light.
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