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Name: Mutant
Age: 24
Personal Journal: [personal profile] mutanthairything
Contact: [plurk.com profile] mutanthairything
Other In-Game Characters: Ales Mansay, Barkeep

Character (Original Universe)
Name: Duster
Age: Unknown, assumed 26
Gender: Male
Canon: Mother 3
Canon Point: After the ending cinematic, before the secret ending.
Roughly twenty years before the events of the game, a group of people planned to escape a post-apocalyptic Earth by traveling to the Nowhere Islands on the "White Ship." It's implied the location is somewhere supernatural. Once they arrived, they used the Egg of Light to remove their memories of the old world, thinking they would only lead to humanity's second downfall, and replaced them with ones of living in an idyllic village. Every person was given a role to play, with Wess and his young son Duster as "thieves" who would retrieve the Egg from its hiding place should the world was ever in peril.

Wess took the role as a Thief of Justice very seriously and - even though his memories didn't give him much information about the vague threat that may one day plague Tazmily - he had Duster rigorously train in combat since childhood. Duster grew up not fitting in with the other villagers, as he barely had time to interact with them, mostly dealing with Wess' borderline abusive treatment. At one point, perhaps due to a training accident or because Duster didn't speak up soon enough after a small injury that got worse as he continued training, he suffered a severe leg injury that resulted in his permanent limp. While no details are provided on that event, it's heavily implied that Wess was to blame. Despite that handicap, he trained harder to become an excellent fighter. (From his wiki page: "Due to the way he holds his hip to give his leg extra support, he may just be paralyzed from the ankle down, which would make it awkward for Duster to walk but not reduce the effectiveness of kicking with the leg in mention with a good shoe on.")

This is a summary of the in-game events, of which Duster is a major player. He has a minimal appearance in Chapter 3 and is not mentioned in Chapter 7 until the section "The Fourth Needle".

At the surface, Duster is a quiet, gloomy, shabby man who does not put much effort into his appearance, leading most strangers to dismiss him as someone unimportant. Beneath that, he is a surprisingly skilled fighter and a talented musician. Dig deeper, and you'll find a total sweetheart who is the most devoted friend a person could ask for.

He's a passive fellow, used to doing things others tell him to instead of taking charge himself. Much of it comes from being raised by a strict father, diligently training and following orders. Whenever he made a mistake that lead to a tirade of verbal abuse, he'd try not to react to it. Such as example is near the beginning of the game, when he is sent to retrieve an "important item" from the depths of Osohe Castle only to return with the wrong thing. As Wess yells at him, he steps back nervously, unable to speak up for himself. And it's not like he's exceptionally prone to making mistakes: he overlooks details like most people would, and he takes his time in figuring puzzles out. He's no moron no matter how often Wess calls hims that; but that lack of self-esteem is prominent in the beginning of the story, and he's often not sure of his himself. While he does develop over the course of the story to be more decisive, it takes him a while to decide what he wants, and trying to please everyone makes decisions harder. When he was given the choice of staying with the DCMC or joining Lucas, he thought of how picking one side meant letting down the other, and it led to his band friends rigging a rock-paper-scissors tournament so that he could leave on an adventure without feeling guilty.

He is dutiful son and a loyal friend, which is a wonderful trait to have when the people he interacts with have his best interests in mind. When it comes to people that aren't the healthiest to be around, it leads to problems. During Chapter 2, he wouldn't dare to speak out against his father, and it took Princess Kumatora to step in and tell Wess to cut out his mistreatment of Duster. He's a bit of the Distressed Damsel of the narrative, being the one party member held captive by the enemy and needing to be found/rescued a few times, but he has complete faith in his friends and that things will turn out alright.

Which leads us to his optimism. His default facial expression and appearance makes him look downcast about everything, but he has incredible hope that despite the suffering and terror the characters go through, in the end, it will be all worth it. When asked if he was an unlucky or lucky person for getting kidnapped right after being rescued by Mr. Saturns, he states that they're all lucky. The party is together again. When the Dark Dragon wakes and an apocalyptic scene ensues, he's calm when it's over and happy they have a new world to live in.

Despite how much he believes in others, he doesn't have a lot of faith in himself. He's one of the strongest fighters, an incredible musician, and when fighting solo, he relies on strategic use of his battle tools. Yet he'll downplay his abilities, such as when he first becomes playable: pointing out first that he has a pronounced limp, but it's okay, he'll do his best! When first asked to Wall Staple a cliff so Flint could scale it, he admits that he's unsure if he'll be able to do it properly in a real life scenario, but he does it anyway. If he's asked to do something, he will obey though he won't be surprised if it doesn't work out. Knowing he was of some use and that he helped is good enough for him. Becoming a celebrated musician helps him understand that he's more amazing that he initially believes, though he's not one to boast about his skills. He doesn't go around telling everyone that he's the musician known as "Lucky": it takes a dedicated fan to recognize him on the street before he admits he's that same person.

Duster is a humble, polite, compassionate man, talking gently with Lucas, who was grieving over the recent loss of his mother, and befriending the child-like Mr. Saturns to the point where he understands their quirky speech and behavior almost perfectly. The day after Hinawa dies, he's the first person to approach her husband to offer his condolences. It's difficult for him to say something mean spirited, and even his sole two jabs at the main villain took a whole game of evil misdeeds to say. Despite his celebrity status by the end of the story, he remains just as quiet and introverted, preferring the company of a few friends to hundreds of fans, though the extra attention is amazing, and he would never give up the chance to perform and make people happy. He likes pleasing people, friends and authority figures alike, and he needs people to stand up for him at times. In return, he'll defend them with his life.

Third-Person Sample: Test Drive
Mognet Sample:

Hey everyone,

This is Duster. The guy with the limp, in case you saw me before. W hen I came here, my Moogle told me that I was a Bard. I really liked the idea of using music in battles, but the only instrument I know how to play is the double bass. And I can't carry that around on my back.

I started thinking of trying out the flute, but I'll need a teacher. Someone smart, and patient, and won't cost too much. The second part is really important. I'll do my best to learn as fast as possible and help all of you out!

Thanks in advance,


Moogle Name: Tamekichi, a smooth-talking ladies' man.
Moogle Gender: Male
First Job: Monk
Second Job: Bard
Limit Break: 16-hit Combo
Duster attacks one enemy and, at a musical rhythm, hits it 16 times with powerful kicks. One of those attacks has the potential to be a critical hit, and if it happens, the enemy is knocked out of the battlefield.


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