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The day after Lucas shows Duster a book about the Runaway Five, Duster wakes up in the afternoon. It's not unusual for him, but he has to talk to Lucas. He spent the rest of his waking hours looking over a newspaper he received from the bar after asking for something specifically written about Porky in the era before Tazmily.

He skips breakfast and heads straight to the gardens, where he's sure Lucas is, carrying the newspaper with him.
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Lucas pullsneedles ( Mother 3 )
Duster's friend from the Nowhere Islands. He still is protective of the young boy, though he is grateful that there's someone he knows that can explain what Milliways is and push him to meet the others.
Enzo Matrix a1enzo ( Reboot )
Enzo comes from a world so technologically advanced that Duster blanks out every time he explains how his world works. But he seems like a nice guy, and they play music together. Enzo's not exactly at the professional level Duster is at, but he's got talent.
Autor herr-bookman ( Princess Tutu )
Another of Lucas' friends. Plays piano and asks a lot of questions.
Sasha Nein for_good_taste ( Psychonauts)
A psychic scientist who is good friends with Lucas, and gets a long with Duster. He's curious about how the Nowhere Islands function and if it's possible to retrieve lost memories without using the Egg of Light.


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