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He's got brown hair, a gloomy feel, slightly bad breath, and looks kind of like a bum?
-NPC describing Duster

MOTHER 3 offers no canon artwork apart from sprites, but that's why fanart exists. Duster roughly looks like this fan sculpture:

Duster stands about 180cm (5ft 11in), and while tall and lanky, he's typically leaning instead of standing up straight. He has toned muscles, though they're all hidden by his clothes. His red pants are made from a thick cloth, like denim, and has large pockets on the side. His collared shirt is buttoned and is made from a thinner material. It's a bit worn out from use. Duster wears thick brown work boots, reinforced for maximum kicking damage. His hands are heavily calloused with a few small scars on his fingers.

Duster stands with his weight mostly held by his right leg, as he doesn't have full use of his left. With that, he limps when he walks, slightly dragging his left foot, but he gets around easily from years of practice.

Duster is not a man of perfect hygiene. His clothes and hair are unkempt (but not oily), and he doesn't shave often enough. Also, his breath smells bad. It might be all the cheese he eats. Canonically, his socks stink to high heaven.

Duster speaks in a soft, low voice. He has a tendency to pause between sentences to think over what to say. Like, he uses a lot of ellipses at the end of his sentences in canon, and has a habit of going through his talking animation for a second before the text shows up. He's choosy about what he says. While he's not expressive in general, he uses his hands when talking, usually by lifting them to waist/chest level.
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