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Jun. 11th, 2015 10:19 pm
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Egg of Light
The MacGuffin of Duster's world. Supposedly has the power to destroy or make a world. Even he doesn't know what it's supposed to do.

Perfect for making stupid crappy games on... and not much else. Comes preloaded with a copy of one of those games, no internet connection and an ever-dwindling battery life.
It has some Tetris knockoff programmed on it.

Host Plush
A happy little red and yellow stuffed animal! It won't be so happy anymore after you hatch a Fiduspawn egg with it. Weirdly, it bears a resemblance to a certain hotel manager...
Aww, it's cute! He really wants to keep this.

Mr. Wario's Gold Statue
Aww, yeah, just look at this beauty! Life-size, baby! And real gold, so good luck moving it.
It certainly is...valuable-looking. It's currently lying next to the Monomono Machine, being used as a dress-up doll.

Socks x3
A new, clean pair of socks.
Oh, good. The ones he had were starting to smell bad. At least Wess isn't here to throw them away.

Pack of Smokes
It’s a box of cigarettes. Sorta a cheap brand.
18/20 left.

Harvey's Memento
SHSL Lounge Singer's fedora that Duster picked up during the investigation.

Harvey's Favorite Underwear
Just plain white briefs, man. Harvey is not that exciting re: underwears.
It's a bit big, but...free underwear.

Tsukiyama's Lucky Underwear
Tsukiyama's favorite designer panties. The lace is very flattering, completely sheer in the back, and definitely not made of lies.
How...? I'm not wearing these.

Nuts and Bolts
A pocketful of nuts, bolts, nails, and screws. Perfect for repairing things that are starting to show wear. Too bad they don't come with any tools to use them with.
I should give them to someone who knows how to fix things.

Double Bass
A double bass instrument. How did it fit into the machine? We just don't know.

Brown Afro Wig
A brown afro-styled wig. It's the kind of thing you'd expect from somebody's stage persona.

Isabelle's Lucky Underwear
A very small, very cute pair of panties with a little frill on the hem. They're decorated in a pawprint pattern.
I know who these belong to...

018 - Love Affair Ring
A pinky ring that will bring you affection if you wear it on your right hand, bring you romance if you wear it on your left hand, and bring ruin upon you if you wear it on both.
Wearing on the right hand.

035 - Hand Bra x2
A brassiere made to look as if they're completely covered by a pair of hands. As stated by the tag line, “The left and right hands are for support only”, wearing it gives a new sensation.
Thief Tool: Bra Slingshot.

075 - Vise
A tool to tightly clamp objects such as iron in place for processing. Even just the name gives a sense of overwhelming power.
Received from Dave.

065 - The Secret of Omoplata
A secret book that tells of Brazillian ju-jitsu joint locking techniques that heavily involve the shoulder joints. Omoplata means “shoulder blade”.
Will try this out when he gets the chance.

033 - Yasu Shishido T-Shirt
A T-Shirt printed with an image of legendary Japanese punk rocker, “Yasu Shishido”. Only 100 were ever made.
Casual clothes!

048 - Rose Whip
A whip made with real roses. Even beautiful roses have thorns.
Thief Tool: Rope Snake replacement. Sorry, buddy.

030 - Torcat Drawers
New pant-style undergarments from the gothic lolita fashion brand “Wonder Dungeon”.
More clothes.

045 - Endless Dandelion
A toy dandelion. It’s fun to blo~w the seeds away. The flying seeds have a thin thread still connecting them, so you can wind them back up and have as much fun as you want.
[Insert Itoi-esque philosophical observation.]

039 - Hair Scissors x2
There are no barbershops in Hope’s Peak Academy, so all the students cut their own hair.
Genuine thanks, Monobear.

017 - Eternal Friendship Bracelet
A handmade bracelet made by weaving several threads together. They say that if you create one once, you can never cut it again.

088 - Drill Chin
An accessory shaped like a drill jutting out from one’s chin. It’s said to symbolize Spiral power.

042 - Kirlian Camera
A camera that can take kirlian photographs. Unfortunately, it has no film.

025 - Forehead Glasses
It seems that if you chant a certain spell while wearing these glasses, you will be able to hold conversations with inanimate objects.

064 - Tears of Asura x2
A gemstone passed down amongst ancient superhumans. “Even devils can have friendship!” “You big putz…!”

019 - Crane & Tortoise Diamond
A diamond ring that embodies the Platonic ideal of engagement rings. However, this is a glass replica.
If only he had the right memories regained, he'd give this to Kumatora

046 - In-Vitro Rose
A rose in a test tube; very suitable for sending to someone as a gift. In the language of flowers, red roses mean “love”.

Given Away/Consumed

Photo Album
A fairly thick book containing well-composed pictures of a random assortment of things; some are of people, but a good few are of inanimate things like sunrises, the view from a few different rooftops, and random rocks in the park.
Given to Tsukiyama.

059 - Antique Doll
A ceramic doll with a head made of porcelain. There are many collectors of such dolls nowadays, thanks to their precise construction and the beauty of their miniature clothes.
It's pretty. Given to Haruka.

013 - A Boxed Lunch About This Big
A boxed lunch with rice balls, minced ginger, sesame seeds, carrots, peppers, shiitake mushrooms, burdock roots, lotus roots, and butterburs. There’s no meat in it at all, so it’s good for vegetarians
Eaten on Monday Week 2

020 - Hope’s Peak Ring
A school ring carved with the crest of Hope’s Peak Academy. It is a symbol of the friendship of those who have shared their youth together.
Traded for Oiltatoes from Ryuunosuke.

008 - Necroissant
A croissant made entirely out of pitch-black materials. It looks burnt, but doesn’t taste bad at all.
Midnight snack

006 - Oiltatoes
A snack food made by frying thin potato slices in oil. Its caloric content is higher than other similar snack foods.
Received from Ryuunosuke.

Allie's Lucky Panties
Allison's favorite pair of purple panties. Say that five times fast.
[Muffled Duster sobbing in the distance.]

012 - Donut Floaty Ring
A giant donut usable as a floaty ring. Naturally, you can eat it while floating in the sea as well. There are various prints, as well.
This one has a checkerboard print. Given to Weavile.

084 - Genius Author Fountain Pen
A fountain pen used by a late, great novelist. The soul of the novelist dwells within it, and no matter who uses the pen, they can only write this same sentence. “I am no longer human.”
Stolen by Honchkrow.

Orange Magatama
An orange magatama, this sacred charm holds great spiritual potential. It is a talisman belonging to a family of mediums.
Returned to Maya

044 - Tumbleweed
A pile of grass often seen in Western films. If this stuff starts to pile up against the door to your house, toss it down a hill in the backyard.
The tumbleweed withered away into dust...

Music Box Picture Frame:
An elegantly constructed music box that plays a gentle, tinkling tune when wound up. It contains a photograph of a younger Kureha with her mother, Reia, cropped just so to obscure a younger bear Ginko in the photo with them. On the glass surface of the music box, there is a slot shaped like a star that matches the Love Charm and pops open to allow the photo to be removed once the charm is in place.
On the memorial.

Love Charm
A golden star pendant hung on a pink ribbon. The kind of thing that seems like it probably has a lot of sentimental value.
On the memorial.

Root Beer Poppers
A sugary-sweet candy that tastes like root beer. Bet you can't have just one!

004 - Rose-Hip Tea
An herbal tea said to be good for one’s complexion. Has a somewhat elegant feeling.

003 - Luwak Coffee
Made from coffee beans taken from the feces of the Indian Civet. It has a unique fragrance, and is one of the most rare and expensive in the world.

Other Junk
Drawings of bedsheet ghosts, spiders, a snake, and the ghost of an orchestra conductor

Dave's Doodle
A doodle of Duster he drew for the Truth or Dare game

Cloth Sunflower
A sunflower craft sewn by Tsukiyama.

Origami Pinwheels
Received from Allie.

Tsukiyama's Handiwork
This monstrosity of a shirt sewn for Duster.
It fits so nicely!

DCMC Outfit
A salmon-pick jacket, white blouse, white dress pants, red tie, and black dress shoes.

Death Letters
Papers written to the general group and to Haruka before his death.

Week 2 Motive
The first photo is a shot of several Pigmasks entering a rural village. The following have them tearing down existing houses, training in what used to be farmland, bringing construction materials to an empty crossroads.

Week 3 Motive (unopened)

Monobear File
Victim: Hinawa
Location of body: Base of Mt. Oriander
Estimated time of death:7:00pm
Cause of death: Puncture wound in the heart.

The image is of a woman in a red country dress sprawled face-up on the rocky earth. Half of her dress is ripped, and there's a giant hole in the middle of her chest.
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